SpamHippo is a member of a partnership network. Once a member of one program, you may  promote or not promote any of the listed products depending on your personal preference. Commissions and transactions appear on a consolidated real time statement, so there is no chasing around to different sites to monitor your results. For more information on each participating company, go to partnership network page and click on any of the company logo's

There's nothing to it ! Place an approved partner logo at your website, link it to SpamHippo or other participating sites, and earn a commission whenever visitors from your website purchase one of those products. After reviewing the information below, simply click on "Signup online", complete the short form and tell us where you'd like your commission check sent. Your partner account will be activated automatically.

  • Signup online and start earning 20% commissions immediately.

  • Bonus incentives for high traffic partners.

  • Access your commission and referral statistics, 24x7.

  • Customize your partner promotional messages.

  • Graphics-Pak page is updated regularly, lots of graphics to choose from.

You will receive a confirmation email that will confirm your membership and provide other useful information; location of logos, inserting a logo on your web site and contact email addresses and phone numbers for assistance and discussing ways to improve results.

Good luck and thanks for becoming a SpamHippo Partner!