"Bit" is a hierarchy of newsgroups which are distributed by a collection of sites that choose to carry them. The "bit" groups are redistributions of the more popular BitNet LISTSERV mailing lists. For an ASCII file of the bit.* list, click here. Following is a list of the "bit" newsgroups:
  Newsgroup: Description: Moderated?
  bit.admin bit.* Newsgroup Discussions
  bit.general Discussions Relating tobitNet/Usenet.  
  bit.listproc.stockphoto Stock Photography Industry. M
  bit.listserv.allmusic Discussions on all forms of Music.  
  bit.listserv.autism Autism List.  
  bit.listserv.banyan-l Banyan Vines Network Software Discussions.  
  bit.listserv.blues-l Blues Music List.  M
  bit.listserv.calc-ti Texas Instruments Graphics Calculators.  
  bit.listserv.candle-l Candle Products Discussion List.  
  bit.listserv.catala Catalan Discussion List.  
  bit.listserv.christia Practical Christian Life.  M
  bit.listserv.cics-l CICS Discussion List.  
  bit.listserv.cinema-l Discussions on all forms of Cinema.  
  bit.listserv.cloaks-daggers Study of Intelligence. M
  bit.listserv.coco Tandy Color Computer List.  
  bit.listserv.db2-l DB2 Data Base Discussion List.  
  bit.listserv.deaf-l Deaf List.  
  bit.listserv.down-syn Downs Syndrome Discussion Group.  
  bit.listserv.dsshe-l Disabled Student Services in Higher Education.  
  bit.listserv.edtech EDTECH - Educational Technology.  M
  bit.listserv.gaynet GayNet Discussion List.  M
  bit.listserv.geodesic List for the Discussion of Buckminster Fuller.  
  bit.listserv.geograph Geography List.  
  bit.listserv.hellas The Hellenic Discussion List.  M
  bit.listserv.hungary Hungarian Discussion List.  
  bit.listserv.ibm-main IBM Mainframe Discussion List.  
  bit.listserv.ibmtcp-l IBM TCP/IP List.  
  bit.listserv.idms-l CA-IDMS Discussions.  
  bit.listserv.ispf-l ISPF Discussion Group.  
  bit.listserv.mla-l Music Library Association.  
  bit.listserv.movie.memorabilia Movie Poster List.  
  bit.listserv.museum-l Museum Discussion List.  
  bit.listserv.new-list NEW-LIST - New List Announcements.  M
  bit.listserv.qualrs-l Qualitative Research of the Human Sciences.  
  bit.listserv.sganet Student Government Global Mail Network  
  bit.listserv.skeptic Discussion of Extraordinary Things.  M
  bit.listserv.slovak-l Slovak Discussion List.  
  bit.listserv.snurse-l International Nursing Student Group.  
  bit.listserv.sqlinfo Forum for SQL/DS and Related Topics  
  bit.listserv.techwr-l Technical Writing List.  
  bit.listserv.toolb-l Asymetrix Toolbook List.  
  bit.listserv.transplant Transplant Recipients List.  
  bit.listserv.travel-l Tourism Discussions.  
  bit.listserv.tsorexx REXX for TSO List.  
  bit.listserv.vse-l IBM VSE/ESA Discussion List.  
  bit.med.resp-care.world Respiratory Care World.  
  bit.tech.africana Information Technology and Africa