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  Newsgroup: Description:
  alt.health.cfids-action (In & Out [email protected])
  alt.med.cfs (In & Out [email protected])
  alt.med.cfs.chat (In & Out [email protected])
  alt.med.cfs.info (In & Out [email protected])
  alt.med.cfs.open (In & Out [email protected])
  alt.tv.x-files.creative (In Only)
  bit.listproc.stockphoto (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.blues-l (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.cfs.newsletter.cfs (In Only)
  bit.listserv.christia (Moderated group [email protected] In & Out)
  bit.listserv.cloaks-daggers (In Only)
  bit.listserv.down-syn (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.edtech (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.eueran-l (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.ibmtcp-l (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.ibm-main (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.idms-l (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.ispf-l (In Only)
  bit.listserv.jes2-l (In Only)
  bit.listserv.mideur-l (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.mla-l (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.seasia-l (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.slovak-l (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.toolb-l (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.transplant (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.tsorexx (In & Out [email protected])
  bit.listserv.vse-l (In & Out [email protected])
  rec.arts.bonsai (In & Out [email protected])
  rec.music.dylan (In & Out [email protected])
  rec.sport.unicycling (In & Out [email protected])
  rec.video.satellite.dbs (In & Out [email protected])
  rec.video.satellite.misc (In & Out [email protected])
  rec.video.satellite.tvro (In & Out [email protected])
  rec.woodworking         (In & Out [email protected])
  sci.bio.entomology (In Only)
  sci.bio.entomology.lepidoptera (Out [email protected])
  sci.med.prostate.prostatitis (In & Out [email protected])
  sci.psychology.consciousness (In & Out [email protected])
  sci.psychology.journals.psyche (In & Out [email protected])
  sci.space.news  (Moderated [email protected] In & Out)
  sci.stat.edu (In & Out [email protected])
  soc.culture.Bolivia (In & Out [email protected])