Listed below are known gateways between public mailing lists and network newsgroups within the eight Usenet hierarchies and other worldwide alternative hierarchies. Not every newsgroup is available via a standard mail gateway. A gateway provides one- or two-way support between an established mailing list and newsgroup forum, to facilitate message traffic between the two. Referenced within the list below is the Newsgroup Name, its corresponding Mailing List, and the Status of the group based on the key.

NewsAdmin.Com facilitates a substantial number of these gateways at no charge. If you require gateway support for your mailing list and newsgroup, please email NewsAdmin for details.
  Status Key:
  M  moderated newsgroup >  one way gateway newsgroup to mail list
  D  mail and news in digest form <  one way gateway mail list to newsgroup
  d  mail only in digest form *   possible broken gateway / need status information
  The absence of a "<" symbol means that the mailing list is bi-directional.
  Newsgroup: Description: Status:
  alt.aquaria.killies             [email protected]
  alt.bigfoot.research          [email protected]   M                      [email protected]              [email protected]             [email protected]         [email protected]                      M                     [email protected]                        M                [email protected] M                [email protected]      M                [email protected]  M            [email protected]             [email protected]        [email protected]                  [email protected] d               [email protected]
  alt.paranet.abduct              [email protected]
  alt.paranet.ufo                 [email protected]
  alt.religion.scientology        [email protected]
  alt.rock-n-roll.stones          [email protected] <   [email protected]          [email protected]      [email protected]           [email protected]
  alt.sys.intergraph              [email protected]
  alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000    [email protected]                      [email protected]                 <d
  alt.winsock                      [email protected]
  bit.databases.mssql-l           mssql-l%[email protected]
  bit.listproc.stockphoto         [email protected]             M
  bit.listserv.ada-law            [email protected]
  bit.listserv.advanc-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.advise-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.aect-l             [email protected]
  bit.listserv.aix-l              [email protected]
  bit.listserv.allmusic           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.apar-l             [email protected]                M
  bit.listserv.apple2-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.arie-l             [email protected]
  bit.listserv.asis-l              [email protected]
  bit.listserv.asm370             [email protected]
  bit.listserv.authorware         [email protected]
  bit.listserv.autism             [email protected]
  bit.listserv.autocat            [email protected]
  bit.listserv.axslib-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.banyan-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.blues-l            [email protected]                 M
  bit.listserv.buslib-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.calc-ti            [email protected]
  bit.listserv.candle-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.catala             [email protected]
  bit.listserv.christia           [email protected]               M
  bit.listserv.cics-l             [email protected]
  bit.listserv.cinema-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.cloaks-daggers     [email protected]                  M
  bit.listserv.coco               [email protected]
  bit.listserv.confocal           [email protected]           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.db2-l              [email protected]
  bit.listserv.deaf-l             [email protected]
  bit.listserv.down-syn           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.dsshe-l            [email protected]
  bit.listserv.edtech             [email protected]                            M
  bit.listserv.edusig-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.euearn-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.fnord-l            [email protected]
  bit.listserv.gaynet             [email protected]                       MD
  bit.listserv.geodesic           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.geograph           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.hellas             [email protected]                  M           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.history            [email protected]
  bit.listserv.hungary            [email protected]
  bit.listserv.i-amiga            [email protected]          [email protected]          [email protected]           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.ibmtcp-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.idms-l             [email protected]           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.ioob-l             [email protected]
  bit.listserv.ispf-l             [email protected]
  bit.listserv.jes2-l             [email protected]
  bit.listserv.lawsch.internships [email protected]
  bit.listserv.linkfail           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.literary           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.lsoft-announce     [email protected]             M
  bit.listserv.mail-l             [email protected]
  bit.listserv.mailbook           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.medlib-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.mideur-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.mla-l              [email protected]  [email protected]           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.muslims            [email protected]                     M           [email protected]               M
  bit.listserv.novell             [email protected]                   M
  bit.listserv.os2-l              [email protected]
  bit.listserv.pagemakr           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.pmail              [email protected]
  bit.listserv.pns-l              [email protected]                       M
  bit.listserv.postcard            [email protected]
  bit.listserv.qualrs-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.seasia-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.sganet             [email protected]
  bit.listserv.skeptic            [email protected]                 M
  bit.listserv.slovak-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.snamgt-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.snurse-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.sportpsy           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.sqlinfo            [email protected]
  bit.listserv.techwr-l        [email protected] M
  bit.listserv.test               [email protected]
  bit.listserv.toolb-l            [email protected]
  bit.listserv.transplant         [email protected]           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.tsorexx            [email protected]
  bit.listserv.vse-l              [email protected]
  bit.listserv.words-l            [email protected]
  bit.listserv.wpcorp-l           [email protected]
  bit.listserv.wx-talk            [email protected]         [email protected]             [email protected]               [email protected]                   [email protected]
  comp.arch.fpga                  [email protected]                  d
  comp.compilers                  [email protected]                M      [email protected]
  comp.databases.ingres           [email protected]
  comp.databases.progress         [email protected]
  comp.dcom.modems                [email protected]             [email protected]                   <
  comp.dcom.telecom               [email protected]                Md
  comp.emacs                      [email protected]
  comp.emacs.xemacs                [email protected]   [email protected]          [email protected]  [email protected]
  comp.groupware.groupwise      [email protected]
  comp.groupware.lotus-notes.misc [email protected]
  comp.home.misc                  [email protected]                     M
  comp.infosystems.gis            [email protected]
  comp.infosystems.kiosks         [email protected]                         M
  comp.lang.ada                   [email protected]
  comp.lang.apl                   [email protected]
  comp.lang.c                     [email protected]
  comp.lang.c++                   [email protected]                  <
  comp.lang.forth                  [email protected]
  comp.lang.modula2               [email protected]
  comp.lang.mumps                 [email protected]
  comp.lang.pascal                [email protected]
  comp.lang.prolog                [email protected]                 *
  comp.lang.prograph              [email protected]
  comp.lang.rexx                  [email protected]
  comp.lang.smalltalk             [email protected]                    [email protected]
  comp.mail.pine                  [email protected]
  comp.mail.sendmail              [email protected]                      [email protected]           <
  comp.newprod                    [email protected]       M                    [email protected]               [email protected]                          M               [email protected]
  comp.os.coherent                [email protected]
  comp.os.cpm                     [email protected]
  comp.os.linux.admin             [email protected]
  comp.os.linux.announce          [email protected]       M
  comp.os.linux.development       [email protected]              [email protected]
  comp.os.linux.misc              [email protected]
  comp.os.minix                   [email protected]
  comp.os.msdos.4dos              [email protected]
  comp.os.vms                     [email protected]
  comp.programming.literate       [email protected]
  comp.protocols.kerberos         [email protected]
  comp.protocols.tcp-ip           [email protected]
  comp.protocols.tcp-ip.ibmpc     [email protected]
  comp.research.japan             [email protected]            M
  comp.risks                      [email protected]                         MD
  comp.society                    [email protected]                  M          [email protected]                   D
  comp.society.privacy            [email protected]                M
  comp.soft-sys.nextstep          [email protected]               [email protected]
  comp.soft-sys.spss              [email protected]
  comp.sources.misc               [email protected]                 M
  comp.sources.unix               [email protected]                   M
  comp.specification.z            [email protected]
  comp.sys.amiga                  csys-ami%[email protected]          *
  comp.sys.amiga.hardware         ami-hard%[email protected]          *             ami-tech%[email protected]          *
  comp.sys.apollo                 [email protected]
  comp.sys.apple2                 [email protected]               [email protected]
  comp.sys.atari.8bit             [email protected]
  comp.sys.hp.mpe                  [email protected]
  comp.sys.misc                   [email protected]          [email protected]          [email protected]              M               [email protected]          [email protected]       [email protected]              [email protected]        [email protected]          [email protected]          [email protected]                 [email protected]
  comp.sys.stratus                [email protected]          [email protected]                        MD
  comp.sys.tahoe                  [email protected]                  [email protected]
  comp.terminals                   [email protected]                 *
  comp.text.desktop               [email protected]
  comp.text.sgml                  [email protected] d
  comp.text.tex                   [email protected] <
  comp.text.tex                   [email protected]                  <
  comp.unix.sco.announce          [email protected]                      M
  comp.unix.sco.misc              [email protected]
  comp.unix.sco.programmer    [email protected]
  comp.unix.solaris               [email protected]
  comp.virus                      [email protected]                        M         [email protected]                  [email protected]     [email protected]                           M
  gnu.announce                    [email protected]                  M
  gnu.bash.bug                    [email protected]                 
  gnu.chess                        [email protected]
  gnu.chess.bug                   [email protected]             M
  gnu.emacs.announce              [email protected]            M
  gnu.emacs.bug                   [email protected]             M
  gnu.emacs.gnews                 [email protected]
  gnu.emacs.gnus                 [email protected]                  [email protected]
  gnu.emacs.sources               [email protected]
  gnu.emacs.vm.bug                [email protected]               [email protected]
  gnu.emacs.vms                   [email protected]
  gnu.g++.announce                [email protected]                   M
  gnu.g++.bug                     [email protected]                   M                    [email protected]
  gnu.g++.lib.bug                 [email protected]               M
  gnu.gcc.announce                 [email protected]                  M
  gnu.gcc.bug                     [email protected]                   M                    [email protected]
  gnu.gdb.bug                     [email protected]                    M
  gnu.ghostscript.bug             [email protected]           M
  gnu.groff.bug                   [email protected]                 M
  gnu.misc.discuss                [email protected]
  gnu.smalltalk.bug               [email protected]         M
  gnu.utils.bug                   [email protected]             M
  info.big-internet               [email protected]                M
  info.bind                       [email protected]                    M
  info.brl-cad                    [email protected]                          M
  info.bsdi.users                 [email protected]                       M
  info.bytecounters               [email protected]               M
  info.firearms                   [email protected]                  M
  info.firearms.politics          [email protected]         M
  info.gated                      [email protected]             M
  info.grass.programmer           [email protected]           M
  info.grass.user                 [email protected]           M
  info.ietf                       [email protected]                       M
  info.ietf.hosts                 [email protected]                   M
  info.ietf.isoc                  [email protected]               M
  info.ietf.njm                   [email protected]                             M
  info.ietf.smtp                   [email protected] M
  info.isode                      [email protected]                         M
  info.jethro-tull                [email protected]                   M
  info.labmgr                     [email protected]                       M
  info.mach                       [email protected]                      M                 [email protected]                    M
  info.nets                       [email protected]                           M
  info.nsf.grants                 [email protected]                       M
  info.nsfnet.cert                [email protected]                     M
  info.nupop                      [email protected]                 M
  info.nysersnmp                  [email protected]                  M
  info.osf                        [email protected]                             M
  info.pem-dev                    [email protected]                           M                          [email protected]                  M
  info.rfc                        [email protected]                   M
  info.slug                       [email protected]                        M
  info.snmp                        [email protected]                              M
  info.solbourne                  [email protected]           M
  info.sun-managers               [email protected]                     M
  info.sun-nets                   [email protected]                   M
  info.theorynt                   [email protected]                    M
  info.unix-sw                    [email protected]    M
  info.wisenet                    [email protected]                      M
  misc.emerg-services             [email protected]
  misc.taxes                      [email protected]
  misc.transport.air-industry.cargo  [email protected]
  misc.transport.urban-transit    [email protected]           [email protected]
  rec.arts.anime                  [email protected]
  rec.arts.bonsai                 [email protected]
  rec.arts.cinema                 [email protected]            M                   [email protected]
  rec.arts.drwho                  [email protected]
  rec.arts.marching.drumcorps     [email protected]
  rec.arts.sf.misc                [email protected]                     *        [email protected]                 M              [email protected]                M              [email protected]                [email protected]                    M*             [email protected]
  rec.hunting                     [email protected]                   Md
  rec.hunting.dogs                [email protected]                  Md
  rec.juggling                    [email protected]                 [email protected]                 [email protected]                 [email protected]                  M                  [email protected]         [email protected]          [email protected]                 [email protected]                     [email protected]          [email protected]        [email protected]        [email protected]          [email protected]                M                   [email protected]                       M             [email protected]               *
  rec.skiing.nordic               [email protected]      [email protected]                  [email protected]                  [email protected]          [email protected]                       [email protected]          *         [email protected]        [email protected]        [email protected]
  rec.woodworking                 woodwork%[email protected]
  sci.aeronautics.airliners       [email protected]                     M
  sci.astro.fits                  [email protected]                 [email protected]  [email protected]                [email protected]               [email protected]         M                    [email protected]              [email protected]
  sci.econ.research               [email protected]                         M             [email protected]                   *
  sci.lang.japan                  [email protected]                    <
  sci.math                         [email protected]                    [email protected]            [email protected]
  sci.physics                     [email protected]
  sci.physics.fusion              [email protected]
  sci.psychology.digest           [email protected]                   M                       [email protected]                       [email protected]
  sci.stat.consult                [email protected]                    [email protected]                     [email protected]
  sci.virtual-worlds              [email protected]                 M          [email protected]
  soc.culture.bolivia             [email protected]
  soc.culture.chile               [email protected]
  soc.culture.esperanto           [email protected]
  soc.culture.jewish              [email protected]
  soc.culture.jewish.parenting    [email protected]                 M
  soc.culture.nepal               [email protected]
  soc.culture.rep-of-georgia      [email protected]
  soc.culture.soviet              [email protected]
  soc.culture.vietnamese          [email protected]
  soc.feminism                    [email protected]                M
  soc.genealogy.computing         [email protected]
  soc.genealogy.french            [email protected]
  soc.genealogy.german            [email protected]
  soc.genealogy.jewish            [email protected]                    >
  soc.genealogy.methods           [email protected]                  M
  soc.genealogy.misc              [email protected]
  soc.genealogy.slavic            [email protected]
  soc.genealogy.surnames          [email protected]                  M        [email protected]               [email protected]
  soc.politics.arms-d             [email protected]                      M
  soc.religion.bahai              [email protected]               M  [email protected]              M  [email protected]
  talk.politics.soviet            [email protected]
  vmsnet.infosystems.gopher       [email protected]
  vmsnet.internals                [email protected]                  [email protected]
  vmsnet.networks.desktop.pathworks [email protected]
  vmsnet.networks.tcp-ip.cmu-tek        [email protected]
  vmsnet.networks.tcp-ip.multinet   [email protected]
  vmsnet.networks.tcp-ip.wintcp [email protected]
  vmsnet.tpu                      [email protected]
  vmsnet.uucp                     [email protected]