Low Annual Cost Per User
SpamHippo™ email service delivers: secure email boxes, web & pop client access, and Spamazoid's anti-spam/anti-virus defense system. SpamHippo requires no customer site servers, storage or bandwidth.

The SpamHippo service is sold in 100 and 1,000 seat license increments with prices as low as $5 per annual seat license, compared to approximately $20 per user with Postini or $35 for Brightmail. Licenses are sold as account capacity, assigned and reassigned to your approved address list.

For specific prices for your installation, please complete the following form. An account manager will contact you with price information, and will answer any questions you may have. Your privacy is important to us, so please note that your information will not be sold or exchanged with other organizations.
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Email access via POP or Web-based interface.
Specify the email addresses & domains you would like to receive email from.
Assures the integrity of email exchanged between sender and recipient.
Create your own traps to block unwanted messages!
View incoming email that you've deleted or queued.